When we are born we have a brand new Ki system. Like the breathing technique mentioned in another section, if you are never shown how to, you will not be able to modify and develop this most essential body system. There are however, exercises that can be undertaken to develop the systems. These exercises are quite intricate and take a great deal of time to learn. They can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. These should be practised only under supervision.

Before this is undertaken, however, it is advisable to gain some understanding of the Ki of nature. The working of nature and the working of the human body have many similarities and it is unwise to study without this knowledge. If you how the season's function you will start to realise how you operate. If you know how plants grow, then flower and die you will start to realise why. Without this knowledge will not know what you are doing.

You must also get to know your own body and how it works. Gain some control over the functions of breath and how it affects you. Then work out the relationship between yourself and that, which is around you. Only then can you develop safely.

Ki is not a toy for a child to play with. If you misuse it, it can lead to you damaging yourself. Even worse, you might damage somebody else. When using it to heal always remember that what can be used to heal and mend can also be used to damage.

If you are stupid enough, you may accidentally misuse this entity and cause someone to die.