The human body has its own Ki system. This system can be found both inside and outside of the human body. It is quite complicated in its structure being composed of many different distinct sections. Each of these sections is then divided into separate parts and these are also sub-divided. To keep the body healthy these must all be maintained.

This intricate system has a great capability of self-repair and is intricately linked with the immune system. Indeed, when the immune system operates, invariably, the Ki system operates too. It is sometimes possible to analyse faults in the Ki system externally and to be able to identify internal faults that are occurring within the body. Corrections made externally very often leads to the recovery of internal faults.

When physical injuries occur to the body system it causes leaks and tears in the external body shell. This also happens if the body is affected by viral, or any other infection. This has the same effect on exterior body shell and can be detected externally. In fact even a simple defect like the common cold can be detected before the onset of its symptoms.

Hereditary factors have a great deal to do with the make up of our bodies. Our genetic make up has been very much inherited from those who came before us. The strengths and weaknesses we have inherited from our forebears make it more, or less likely that we will succumb to various ailments and maladies. As our Ki systems are also passed on this way it makes us more, or less likely to be prone to certain ailments.

It is also very common for the Ki system itself to develop faults and some of the worst kind of human problems come into this category.

What ever the cause, breaking of the Ki system should be avoided. As we age, if we are lucky, we will only be affected by coughs and colds and perhaps influenza, all of which are treatable. As this happens over years the body becomes less and less able to repair itself. This means that the effects of these minor ailments become more serious.

It is sometimes possible to see in people before they die, the onset of a grey pallor. This means that the Ki system is no longer functioning correctly and is breaking down. It is the final destruction of the Ki system that ultimately brings about death.