In Engineering thermodynamics it states that 'energy cannot be created nor destroyed'. This is now not always true bearing in mind nuclear reactions and the like but for all intents and purposes for the Earth as a whole, it is still true. When any form of energy is used, along with the desired affect, amounts of Ki are released. The energy we generally use has been stored for a long period of time in the form of oil, gas, coal and wood. When it is used it then returns back into the earths Ki system and is absorbed. It just does not disappear out of an exhaust pipe and evaporate into thin air.

Our sciences have been built up over the last few centuries to study what is macroscopic and also microscopic, that is what is very big and very small. The massive piece and knowledge that lies between these two studies is the part that we live and exist in. It seems so strange that we should understand so little about it.

The earths Ki system is the link to the understanding of re-absorption of energy. It is also the bridge that spans the gap between macroscopic and microscopic studies. In order to understand the full effects of global warming it is necessary to assess the existing scientific analysis and combine it with the changes that are happening to the Earth's Ki system.

It is only by doing this that mankind will ever hope to understand the damage that is being done and also the damage that will be inflicted on our future generations.