From out of the East came the mysterious concept of Ki. This is also called Chi or Prana, according to which country it came from. This mysterious power was attributed with many different applications and seemed to have many uses. It seemed that this was only used and practised by those who came from the East and could only be practised by them. Many people in the West dismissed this all as superstition and witchcraft and the effects as figments of the imagination.

The trouble is 'Ki' was that it did not conform to any form of Western Science. It was not physical, having no substance. It was not chemical because it would not react with any known element or compound. It also appeared to have no effect on electricity. Therefore because it could not be quantified and measured it did not exist.

What is more the curative effects that this 'force' produced were dismissed wholesale by the Western medical system. Even though these systems had been built up and in use for thousands of years they were dismissed as nothing better than witchcraft.

Although the current information on this force has come from the East it did not originate there. What did originate there was a confusion of religion, mysticism, martial art and false assumption.