Wherever you are on the face of this planet there are Ki systems. From the biggest creature to the smallest, all have their own separate Ki systems. We, as humankind, have our own Ki system, which is specific to us as human beings. All other mammal life also has their own systems and they are very similar in nature to our own. They have in fact only a very few minor differences as we are all created from the same materials. Fish also have similar systems to us. All other moving life forms, including insects, invertebrates, arachnids, have Ki systems, which operate in a markedly different fashion.

All trees and other plant life have Ki systems, which operate in a completely different way from our own. The amount of Ki contained within at tree depends very much on its size and is not regulated in the same way as our systems are.

All non-living things also have Ki systems and they are invariably far more simple in operation to the life forms systems. Under most circumstances these objects have only approximately half the amount of Ki as living matter and animals.

Most of this planet is covered by water. This water is also part of the Ki system of the planet. Water has the capability of dissolving and transporting the Ki energy. This energy then flows and is ultimately absorbed into the core of the planet. Without this system our planet would not function and operate in the way that it does.