Discovering how nature works and the changes that the seasons make on our bodies enables us to gain accurate understanding of how our bodies function. It is necessary to quantify our relationship with nature. There are many who think that this is one of master and servant. Whether we like it or not, nature is in very firm control.

As seasons change our bodies should respond to keep us in balance with our surroundings. The raising and lowering of Ki levels does not only happen because of the seasons. These changes also occur between night and day. When all these effects added together it means that the human body has to make an awful lot of adjustments and corrections. It is hardly surprising that malfunctions occur. As we age it is far more likely that faults will develop in system. On most occasions these faults can be balanced out with in other parts of the system. If the body can no longer do this you will ultimately die.

To develop a better body system it is necessary to have physical body fitness. This ensures that all the component parts of our body are functioning properly. Combine this with breathing techniques and the body is far more able to cope with these changes. If you practice this you are far more likely to live a longer life. As mentioned in a Breathing Technique section, it is possible to slow down your metabolic rate and with this your Ki also. By doing this you can take some control over the times when your body does not readjust itself correctly. You might also be able to respond to changes that occur within the main Ki system itself.

Knowing how the system operates and what it does, develops an understanding of life itself. All life on this planet has to adjust to changes that occur within this system. Day after day, year after year, it is amazing that we are adapted to make so many of these adjustments, yet alone survive under the rays of the Sun.