All of systems have Ki are cyclic. This means that event's are repeated over a regular period of time. Just like a wheel rolling down a road, the same point on that wheel will touch the road at every full rotation. Even though the wheel has moved further down the road and time has moved on.

Everything on earth has this cyclic pattern. One of our main cycles being the Earth year consisting of 365 and a quarter days. There are other shorter human cycles, such as the menstrual cycle of 28 days but there are even shorter cycles still on a daily basis, which make us better at performing certain tasks at certain times of the day. There obviously longer cycles too, our most important being the cycle of the human life span.

The year cycle is divided into four sections these being Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These have dramatic effects on nature and bring about the changes that we see during the seasons. All life forms are affected by the cycles, including human beings. These changes do not only affect those who live in the countryside. If you live in the city and never see the changes of the seasons, you are still dramatically affected by them.

It is the variation of Ki that occurs throughout the year that gives rise to the seasons. By studying these events one becomes able to appreciate how all of it works together. Gaining understanding enables one to discover the different types of Ki systems that exist, and their relationship with each other. To gain some idea of how this works consider the Seven Rings symbol. Consider that each ring is a separate Ki system. You may go around each of these rings in a circular motion, cyclically, and independently. As you do this, however, you will come into contact with other rings that are intertwined within it. By crossing these rings, both over and under, you will interrelate with them, just in the same way, as one Ki system will do on another. If this effect passes from one ring to another, ultimately the effect will return to where it started from through all the other rings. The cycle is then completed.

Once you have learned to feel this Ki life force in other human beings you will also be able to feel the life force that is within plants and trees. This will put a whole and different perspective on everything you do in your life from that moment on!