It has been stated many times, that the Earth has its own Ki systems. These are varied and many and are largely used to control and regulate the activity of the planet. These systems not only operate on the surface of the planet but also run into the core of the Earth. They are there to maintain a balance.

The abuses mankind has started to put onto these systems are increasing. This is causing a great deal of increased activity in the Ki systems and this in turn is having a detrimental effect onnature. This is caused by mankindís excessive use of the Earth's natural resources and the generation of carbon dioxide. All other forms of energy are also major contributors to this problem, including all forms of electrical generation and transmission. This is bringing about increased levels of background Ki energy. This in turn is causing greater differences between the maximum and minimum levels that occur during the cycles. This is not global warming itself because Ki is not a heat but it is causing great fluctuations within the system. This means that there is a greater variation of peaks and troughs as the cycles are gone through. This also means everything in nature and indeed on this planet having to make larger adjustments not only during the course of the seasons but also between night and day.

This is the root cause for the increase in many serious maladies that have infected mankind in greater and greater measure since the end of the Second World War, 1945. If this is allowed to carry on the situation will only become worse and more and more will succumb to these problems. It is not all right to say global warming will just make things a bit warmer. If you know and understand the Ki system and know what is happening to it, you will be very worried indeed about what is going to happen next.