Throughout history, certainly in the east, there have been systems that purport to use Ki as a method of healing. Many of these work most effectively and many others survive on the placebo effect. All are based on a system that uses Earth, air, fire, water and wood as its model.

The system is fundamentally flawed. However, is something works then it should continue to be used and eventually the correct 'model' will be found. Because of a lack of knowledge of this model, many of the healing methods have become involved in religion and superstition. This is equally true of many of the curative methods that are employed by Western medicine.

If you understand how the body system works, there is a possibility that you can heal or at least aid the healing process. This understanding must be a combination of Western Anatomy and the Anatomical workings of the Ki system.

If you do not understand what you are doing them all we will be doing is meddling and the healing process is a hit and miss business. At best you will cause little damage. At worst you will 'mask' problems and a person might develop other serious ailments because of this. Ultimately, if you do this process incorrectly you may bring about a persons death. Great care should always be taken when using this most powerful of tools.

The human body is mamilarian and all mammals are largely similar in their make up. Techniques that work on humans very often also work on animals and it is even possible to use these techniques on insects and fish. This is a far more tricky affair however, and requires a great deal more practice to develop the techniques required.

Learning the healing process takes a considerable period of time. It is suggested that those at the wish to do this practice martial arts first. This will shorten the process because it develops the body control that is required to practise this art.