There is a very definite connection between Zen and Ki. Describing it loosely would be to say that variation in the Ki levels and intensity is controlled by the Zen phenomenon. It is obviously far more complicated than this and the Zen function is far more complex. For the purposes of this article only it's very simplistic operation is to be considered.

In order to understand the workings of these systems, it is necessary first to study natural phenomenon. By studying nature and the way we work we can start to understand the way that Ki and Zen operate together. This is important because as a building is comprised of many bricks, this study represents the foundations on which the bricks are to be laid. If you do not understand these basics your learning will be like building a house on sand.

These concepts are not new. The religion of Taoism has this pursuit as one of its main objectives. It's others being the principle and motivation of society and that, which motivates the individual and the interrelated and complex relationship between these. This work is only concerned with the first part of their objectives that is the study of nature. It is concerned with thing re-examination of the model on which these ancient principles were established. This has to be done because the ancient ideas of how this system works are fundamentally flawed.

Many believe that these systems were discovered and developed in the East. There is much evidence that there was understanding of how these systems operate and how they can be used, in Northern Europe and Africa. This evidence dates back to the end of the last Ice Age, 8000 years ago. It would appear that not only did they understand it but also put it to use.

These systems are not the invention of mankind. Periodically societies of the past have rediscovered these phenomena and put them to use. But the systems are part of the way that the Earth operates and were here long before mankind evolved.