Nature and all life forms are controlled by the variation of the Ki function. All systems, both big and small have this in common. The cycle of nature changes during the course of the year, this happening at the same time as changes to the Ki density level.

As Ki levels start to rise springtime starts to come upon us. This event is not triggered as the sun starts to rise from its lowest point in sky. The lowest point occurs on 21st December in the Northern hemisphere and 21st June in the Southern hemisphere. If Spring were just triggered by increase in sunlight than this would be the time when it started. But it does not start until the Ki levels start to rise. These levels lag behind the Suns maximum and minimum height in the sky by approximately six weeks. This time varies slightly year-on-year according to the ambient conditions that prevail. Spring can only and will only start when these levels are correct.

Have you ever wondered why some flowers will grow even when is very cold? Snowdrops and crocuses push their way through the ground even though there is frost or snow on the ground. Have you not noticed that in Autumn, when the leaves have all but finished falling from the trees, some plants are bursting through the ground seemingly paying no attention to the time of year? It is because these plants are triggered by a specific Ki level. They are not so dependent on temperature and sunlight.

As the year progresses through summer, the Ki density increases. It rises until Autumn when it reaches its maximum level. It then starts to drop and causes the destruction that we call Autumn, or Fall. As the leaves fall from the trees the buds are already forming, pushing their out into the open air, ready for the rebirth of the spring.

Most people who live in towns and a large amount of people who live in the country believe that these changes have little effect. The changes that occur during the seasons have major affects on our body systems. At every change our bodies have to readjust so that we can become in balance with the rest of the system. If our bodies fail to do this then this will be the time for the onset of health problems.

The changes that occur in Spring and Autumn have the greatest effects on our body system. In Spring the levels are rising and our bodies have to speed up their operation. In the Autumn levels drop dramatically and our bodies need to slow down. The Americans are right to call autumn the fall. It is at this time of year that there is major damage done to our body systems, which can lead to our downfall too.