A Definition


The initial concept of Zen is very much associated with the religion of Zen Buddhism. This religion developed over many hundreds of years into what it is today. One of the central points of this religion is the development of intuitive understanding. It is highly likely that this concept has been used a long before the Buddhists. It is most probably far older than history itself. Indeed evidence of the systems employed in this is still to be seen in parts of Northern Europe and Africa. From the earliest times mankind has always wanted and used these instincts.

The method of attainment of the phenomenon that is to be discussed in this work has no connection to Zen Buddhism. 0nly the concept of development of intuitiveness is to be considered. The methods that are employed to accomplish this bear no resemblance to those used by this religion. None of their methods are used because this is a completely different path.

Indeed, the development of this phenomenon is learnt and used in a dynamic form. We are not trees and therefore spend a great deal of our time in motion. It is therefore the wish, to develop these abilities so that they will work in either a static or dynamic form. As one experiences parts of this phenomenon one starts to understand how this is done.

As our hunter-gatherer ancestors did in pre-history we may also do. By using and developing these intuitive influences we can tap into information, which is outside our learning experience. Access it and all knowledge through the Earths search engine.