The learning of academic knowledge is extremely good for brain development. One of the purposes of this teaching is to discipline the student to apply this knowledge in certain ways. This has the effect of making the person think in certain specific ways. Specifically, convergent and divergent thinking. By doing this the person develops a greater ability at analysing problems. This problem-solving will eventually develop into intuitiveness whereby problems may be solved using very little analysis and also sometimes with very little data.

The martial art technique also is particularly useful for this process. It necessitates that not only development and control of the body movement is programmed into brain but also that the mind is controlled, so that these movements can happen. This at first occurs slowly but as this controlled movement is practised it becomes faster and makes part of the brain operate faster. Eventually becoming so fast that it has to be controlled by a different area of the brain rather than the conscious. Other sports will also stimulate this brain activity but not to the same degree.

Breathing technique also starts to develop the conscious control of the mind over the body. This develops the ability of the brain to consciously control and govern some of the automatic processes of the body. This meaning that it can control and regulate, to a greater extent, some of the primary body functions and by doing this make the body function far more efficiently. These alterations to basic operation are eventually done without the use of conscious thought.

Certain meditation techniques have the effect of slowing down areas of brain. This allows certain brain waves to function in part isolation and if practised on a regular basis will develop this part of the brain. By developing these in isolation, when the brain is in its normal state, it can operate far more efficiently. The development of these various parts of the brain have to be done separately. Like peeling an onion, each layer must be got through separately before the next is attempted. Again, under normal operation the brain will operate far more efficiently and in a different way.

All of these tools are used to build and strengthen brain activity because without them and the abilities they bring, it is unlikely that the phenomenon of Zen will be found.

Those of limited intelligence who cannot develop their brain and those who are too lazy to use their intelligence to develop their brains should not even try to find it.







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