To gain some understanding of the learning processes that are required this process can be compared to the early learning stages of martial art. Starting with simple exercises one learns to start to control simple body movement. This requires an enormous amount of conscious thought. This process is normally done by repetition, to first programme the brain and then make the brain control the body, so that the movements can be completed in the correct fashion.

As more complex movement is learnt, the previous learnt movements become far more simple to perform. In fact, these movements start to be done without the use of conscious thought at all.

As time goes on, the movements become even more complicated. By this time the brain has developed the ability to learn how to learn and absorb this information far more easily. Not only does one not have to think about how to do exercises but also it is found to be positively detrimental to do so. These actions are being carried out by a part of the brain, which is not to do with our everyday conscious thought.

By practising martial art techniques one develops a heightened spatial awareness. It is necessary to know exactly where an opponent is, in relation to your body position. It is essential to develop an ability and knowledge, what your opponent can do from the position and distance that he is from you. This distance is very important and one concentrates and focuses the mind on the separation between your opponent and yourself. With practice, it is possible to start to be able to 'feel' this space and almost 'sense' anything that occurs within it.

This ability is not uncommon and many people who have this training react instinctively so that is something falls from the shelf they will extend an arm and catch the object, before they have seen it or heard it falling. They have developed the capability of extending their senses externally to the space around them.

 These experiences are for most, the first realisation that there are abilities that can be learnt which are completely out of the ordinary. This also means they have developed the ability of feeling, not only another person's Ki system but also the Ki system that they are themselves in. 

This is the start of the process of finding the key that opens the Seventh Ring.

This is not the only way to achieve this connection, as many other forms of concentration and study will also do this too but it has the advantage over most of the other ways in that it is done in a dynamic form.