Types of Learning


All of us within ourselves have undeveloped talents and abilities. Many of these lie dormant and unused because it seems no need to learn and develop them. Many others cannot be developed because there is no one to show us how too. With a little stimulation applied to the appropriate areas of our brain, previously dormant areas of our brain can become activated.

None of these abilities are restricted to anyone from the East or West. Every living person has these abilities to a greater or lesser degree. Nor are these abilities the sole property of any religion. Indeed some religions have formed because of the lack of understanding of how these processes work.

Developing these abilities can be approached in various well-known ways. The training of martial art is most conducive to this as it develops many different areas and abilities simultaneously but there are many different and varied ways, which will also have this effect.

Studying the arts or sciences, to any great degree, also stimulates this process as will any other subject or practice where great concentration is required from the student.

Through all studies of any type, it is essential that a thorough knowledge of the basic principles is understood. Without understanding the simple you can never begin to fathom out the complicated. The Zen phenomenon is simple process but it is incredibly complicated to understand how it all works.

Living through life provides us with a great part of our knowledge to forecast events. But perhaps the most powerful brain stimulant is to have and raise children. Nothing stimulates us more than this because of the effects on our emotional, physical and intellectual parts of our brain. You cannot possibly begin to understand life until you have done this nor will you develop the intuitive part that this experience brings.