Ways of Learning


Through the knowledge that we assimilate, we should become more learned. Knowledge applied, develops our abilities and we start to become more intuitive, some might call this wise. Only through this wisdom, applied time and time again, can we hope to gain enlightenment and the communication through Zen. This process must be followed, for there is no other way, whichever system is used there are no short cuts.

This process obviously requires time. Time for the brain to develop and also time for it to change its operation. The brain has to alter the interactions, which occur within it and the brain processes this affects. This causes stimulation of areas previously under used and wakes up areas that have never been used at all. It is for this reason that you cannot learn this ability when you want because it will only happen when the time is right.

A good analogy of how this works is to look at the Seven  Rings symbol. If each of the outer rings represents separate brain function of learning, every circle and activity interacts with its neighbour. So each has an effect on the other. This brings about a situation whereby one area of learning will affect another. For example the learning of Engineering can make you understand the workings of martial art to a far greater degree than someone who has not.

All these rings intertwined with each other but all also are intertwined with the central ring. It is within this ring that the intuitive part of our knowledge, the Zen, resides. So stimulation to one of the rings of learning can have an effect on abilities that are completely unrelated to that specific knowledge. It is the development of the outer rings that stimulates and develops and ultimately develops the central ring. This is what brings about the development of the Zen phenomenon.