Body System



The anatomy of the human body is very well documented and a great deal of investigation is being done into the furtherance of this knowledge. However, the ordinary physical anatomy, does not take account of the magnetic system of the human body. We live on an extraordinarily huge magnet and everything on the earth is part of the Earth's magnetic system. It would therefore be foolish to suppose that we have no magnetic properties, when we are composed of material, which is subject to the Earth's magnetism, or gravity.


Magnetic Control.

The control of this magnetism is undertaken by the body’s magnetic pump, which is the diaphragm. This muscle is not only responsible for breathing but is also responsible for the flow and distribution of the magnetic component of our bodies. It also is responsible for the control of the bodies temperature system and is part of the organ, which is called the Triple Heater, in Chinese Medicine. In addition to this, it also plays a major part in the regulation of the Metabolic Rate and also the Recovery Rate.


Breathing Technique.

So the breathing function does very much more than oxygenating the blood and learning Breathing Technique can greatly improve the operation of the human body.



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