I often say to people, who practised breathing exercises, to use the toilet before undertaking the training. The reason for this is simple. Correct use of the diaphragm means, that it rises and falls through most of its range of travel. As it does so, it pushes downwards onto the intestines and then rises relieving this compressive effect. This massages the intestines and aids with the passage of food through the body. This process is obviously completely natural and has the beneficial effect of making the digestive processes operate more efficiently. One drawback is, with this however, that it also helps to fill the bladder and bowel more rapidly. Another is that it tends to also push 'wind' or 'gas' through more quickly too!


The Monthly Cycle.

The process that is of such benefits to digestion, is also very beneficial to the female monthly cycle. By massaging the reproductive system, it aids, not only with the release of passage of the egg but also with the removal at the end of the cycle. This internal 'massage' has also beneficial effects on the duration and intensity of this process.



I think that it is patently obvious, that by making the body work more efficiently and correctly, that the breathing practitioner, is far more likely to be healthier. Because their bodies work more effectively, they are less likely to get minor ailments and when they do get ailments, they suffer from them less. Certainly, recovering from illness is improved by using these techniques. So surely it is better, for someone who is ill, to learn and have the ability to 'fight off' their malady themselves. Surely it is better than having to resort to the taking of various chemicals, with their dubious side effects, or at least keeping the taking of these to a bare minimum.



The learning of these techniques does require work and diligence but they do work. Many people nowadays, seem to think that health comes out of a bottle, or is delivered by a surgeon's scalpel. If this is the way you are, then good luck to you but if you want to learn to 'self heal', than the breathing exercises, are easy to do, and are a very good start.


General Well-Being.

I do not make idle claims about this breathing technique. It has all been proven, in the 30 years I have been practising it. I know that those who practise these techniques will reap the benefits. To gain a measure of control over the breathing functions is very important for one's general well-being because these techniques affect so many different body functions. From the simple operation of a heart and lungs, through to regulation of heart beat, improvement of the operation of the intestines, helping the operation of the reproductive system, the Recovery Rate, the Metabolic Rate, stress and every other function of the human body, all benefit by practising these techniques.

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