In order that this breathing system should work efficiently, it is necessary for the student to possess some degree of physical ability. This is because the body is a system, which has a 'flow' and the better the condition of the body, the better the 'flow'. The most important of these exercises, are the ones that concern the abdomen. This is because breathing exercise requires the use of the diaphragm and the condition of the abdominal muscles, greatly affects its operation. We have a simple system of abdominal exercises, which start very simply and easily, and progress through stages of difficulty, as one increases ability.



Before commencement of exercises, it is necessary to make sure that a student is breathing in the correct fashion. The majority of people do breathe correctly, but there are some who don't. The test, for correct breathing is very simple, place a hand on the abdomen, at the front, and inhale. As the breath goes inwards, the abdomen should be moved forwards, pushing out and away from the body at the front. If this is not the case, then any further progress may not be undertaken, until this is corrected.


The Exercises.

The exercises that are undertaken cover most forms of human activity. They build up in their complexity, as they are practised but they are designed to be used in normal everyday life. It is the whole purpose of these exercises, to make sure, that the student uses the technique throughout the course of their day. Some can only be practised in a static position, such as sitting on a chair, or lying down. Whilst others can be used whilst standing, walking, trotting and even running. All, or part, of these activities we all do everyday.


Practice Position.

There are no physical contortions necessary to do these exercises and normal everyday positions are used throughout. Many would have seen people, in the practice of meditation, sitting cross-legged, or in a kneeling position. These positions are not used, as they are detrimental to the practice of correct breathing and interrupt the correct flow of the human body.



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