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The Human Body System



There is no intention on my part to go into already documented anatomy.

This is very well covered, in a great many volumes and in much detail.

My intention is to explain, some of the basic aspects, which have not as yet been covered.

I'm also not publishing the full Body Operating System, as this will be part of another work.





We live on a complicated Magnet, that we call the Earth. We are attracted to the planet by gravity, the Earth's magnetism.

It follows, therefore, that we are magnetic. This type of magnetism is inherent throughout our bodies and also the bodies of every living thing on the planet, be it on land, sea, or air. This body system has been known about for thousands of years and this knowledge started to be re-introduced into Europe, after the Second World War, from the East.



Natural System


Here follows a simplistic explanation of the natural system.

The actual system is far more complicated than will be discussed here.

Around our bodies we have a type of magnetic field. (This is discussed briefly in the section on Power Supply).

Anyone who has studied basic physics and has seen the demonstration of iron filings surrounding a magnet, will have some idea of what this looks like.

It can clearly be seen that there are layers of iron filings, which demonstrate the magnetic 'shell' of the Magnet's magnetism.

We also have a magnetic 'shell', which is in layers around our body.

This magnetic shell is composed of three different types of magnetism and it is divided, usually, into 12 vertical sections, which run from head to foot.





In the first few months of a baby's life, the 'shell' is completely intact this meaning it has no leaks or damage.

As soon as the child starts to crawl or toddle, leeks into the system can be felt, occurring at the joints of knee, ankle and hip.

With sleep these leaks are repaired but when the child repeats the movements, this leakage recurs.

So using the limbs causes leakage from the joints and this leakage causes the bodies repair system, to repair any damage to the joints.

With the growth process, a repair process and rest process in operation, this damage is repaired.

This process is continued on into adulthood, until the body is fully formed.

So the body has a mechanism for repairing itself and the wear-and-tear we encounter by living everyday life.

This mechanism starts from the moment we begin to move.

The magnetic repair system is both inside and outside of the body and is responsible for the regular maintenance of our bodies.

It operates not only for wear and tear but it is also linked to the immune system and Metabolic Rate of the human body.

It also contributes to the cure of all the bodies ill's and ailments.



Hereditary Factors


Much used to be said, in days gone by, concerning hereditary factors, of the human body.

This term has now been overtaken by the word 'gene'.

It is obvious that we inherit parts of our body, not only from our parents but also from our ancestors. We also inherit our magnetic shell from our forefathers and mothers.

The strengths and weaknesses of our physical body are somewhat determined by this and the same thing applies to our magnetic 'shell'.

Weaknesses and faults, in the shell, mean that we are more likely to be prone to certain types of illness, disease, or injury.

Faults in the shell also tend to dictate the speed at which we recover from these illnesses, when we get them.





Illness and injury to the physical body have the effect of damaging the body੮ternal and external magnetic shell.

It is possible to alter the bodyୡgnetic system and repair these faults that have occurred, to the magnetic system.

The result of this is that the physical body can then repair itself.



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