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How It Works


Kiopathy is a unique method of treatment. It not only treats the effects of physical problems but it also treats the causes of these ailments. It does this by adjustments to the patients metabolic and immune systems by repair and manipulation of the body˩ systems.


After the initial treatments have stabilised the condition, these body systems begin to naturally repair the problem and the effects diminish.

Kiopathy Treatment is the key to finding the causes of problems and their eradication.쯳pan>

This method of treatment is not a complete panacea but it is not far short of this. It has beneficial effects on ALL physical problems from broken bones and bruising, sports injuries through the complete range of physical problems and illnesses. It is also extremely effective in the treatment of the soft tissues of the body, i.e. the internal organs.

ﳰan>See Ailments Section for some cases treated with Kiopathy.


The human body is incredibly clever at curing itself and pain is a signal to tell you that something is not as it should be. To totally remove the pain does not necessarily cure a problem and in most cases only provides temporary respite leading often to later complications. Kiopathy쯳pan>Treatment finds the cause and treats the problem and it creates no side effects or complications.


Kiopathy Treatment places back into the ᮤs裂the patient the ability to recover.


This method of treatment is not a ᧩c bulletᮤ those with chronic, or very long-term ailments should not expect instant miracle cure (although this sometimes does happen). What normally occurs is a stabilisation of the condition along with a reduction of pain or symptoms and the start of sustainable recovery process.




The healing technique that I practice, kiopathy, is based on 'Katsu', which used to be the healing technique of the Oriental Martial Arts Masters. I have been studying this method for 30 years. This method is based on the basic principle of this Art but the science and the application is based on Western analysis. There is no 'belief' involved, on the part of the patient or for that matter on the part of the healer and there are certainly no religious aspects, of any sort. There is no mysticism of any sort and no other kind of fanciful nonsense.



Body Process


We live on a magnet we call the Earth. The Earth's magnet is gravity and we require this energy, to make our body processes function correctly. We do, however, require differing amounts of this magnetism, at different times and the body has means by which this can be facilitated. It is very important as our bodies have the correct amount of this 'magnetism', when they are trying to repair themselves. Too little, or too much will result in poor, or slow healing or no healing at all. This same principle applies to cell reproduction. Too little, or too greater amount, will cause anomalies to occur in cell reproduction. So in orders to stay healthy, or recover, it is necessary that the correct amount of this 'magnetism' is maintained throughout the body.





The method used is very straightforward;

First. Regulate the amount of 'magnetic' energy in the body.

Second. Close down leaks in the body's magnetic System.

Third. Regenerate any of the magnetic system, which is damaged.

Forth. Restore the magnetic passages, if they are not working in the correct fashion.

This is all undertaken with the person in a standing or sitting position. It is done in this fashion because we were designed to work in an upright position and repair ourselves far better, if we are vertical.





Like many other systems, the diagnosis is done over the whole body. This is because of problems such as referred pain, where a pain is felt but the cause of the pain is in another part of the body. This applies to many types of Body ailment. This method of diagnosis ensures, that both cause and effect are located so that the ailment may be treated correctly. We use an instrument called a H.A.N.D. (high amplitude nodal detector) to detect the position and severity of leaks, flowing from the surface of the body. This allows for accurate assessment of not only the effect of the ailment but with this instrument, it is also possible, to locate the cause. This device can also detect broken bones, by locating magnetic leaks, externally from the body. According to the severity and intensity of the leak, the appropriate steps are taken to eradicate the causes.





With relatively new problems, good results should be obtained, in the time span of one complete cycle (28 days). With chronic problems, repairs usually take longer. If the problem has been in existence for several years, it is unreasonable to expect it to vanish overnight. With some conditions, such as arthritis, where bone growth is concerned, it is only possible to arrest the damaging effects and it is not possible to 'un' grow bone or change the joints. These Techniques may, in some cases, stimulate recovery, when none exists.





The healing techniques will work considerably better, if the person taking this treatment, practices the breathing exercises mentioned in the other section. These techniques provide stability for the body and deliver the best platform for the body to heal itself.




Illness Causes


There is no disputing that many illnesses are caused by invasive cells and bacteria, entering into the body system. These entities cause the bodies Magnetic system to open and it is this outflow that causes the symptoms, which are associated with the various diseases, that these micro organisms cause. Due to hereditary factors, some people or more (or less) likely to suffer from certain illnesses. The body systems have strengths or weaknesses, in certain parts of the body, this meaning that parts of the magnetic control system, are stronger and less likely to be damaged by these organisms. There is also a group of ailments, which are caused, specifically, by having too greater amount of this energy within the body. There are very many variations of how these ailments actually happen and it is not my intent to give details of these here. Suffice it to say that many of the ailments, the causes of which are not known to modern medicine, including the most unpleasant, have their causes in this area.



Inflicted Illness


One of the primary causes of this is the breaking of limbs. When a limb is broken, a magnetic leak occurs at the site of this break. If the limb is correctly aligned, then it will make a correct recovery. If it is not, then there is likely to remain a magnetic leak, even after the bone has mended itself. This can result, in future years, in arthritis occurring above and below this break. The same thing can also happen when patients have undergone surgery. When the cut is made, the leak starts, from the magnetic system of the body. When the body repairs the cut tissue, usually the magnetic system recovers also, but not always. If there remains a leak, from this system, then complications are likely to arise because this leak makes the area around the incision start to malfunction.



Treatment Range.


This method of Healing is exceedingly versatile because the treatment methods can be applied to almost all known ailments. This is possible because the method uses the patient's own body, to bring about a situation that the body can heal itself. No drugs, no surgery and no side effects, just making the body 'self heal'.


Side Effects.


In the many years that I been practicing Kiopathy I have never encountered any adverse side effects of this treatment. To the contrary because of the nature of the treatment, it has a tendency of correcting other faults as well as the initial problem, as the treatment progresses. It does not mask or hide symptoms, which can cause later problems, nor does it require the ingestion of foreign substances, which also can cause problems. Its application is a completely natural way of correcting the maladies that occur to the human body.




R.A.Payn BSc Mech Eng. F.Sc.S.R.



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