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The Medical Profession



There is no doubt that many major advances, in Health care, have been made by Western medicine. Some of these achievements are indeed, remarkable. However, there are many important aspects, which are totally ignored by the Western systems. These aspects are probably more important than the accumulated medical knowledge that has been developed up to this date. There seems to be an attitude, amongst this profession, that if it does not come up with in their known medicine, it simply does not exist. There are many 'experts', in the system, who seemed to spend a lifetime developing 'myopia' in their knowledge and thinking, and our 'blind' to anything else out of their immediate experience. This is, perhaps, the very nature of the medical profession but scepticism is one thing, stupidity is another.


There are a great many, of this profession, who respond to new information from outside the system in this manner.

I consider myself very fortunate indeed, to have been trained as an Engineer because the analytical processes are far sounder than that of our conservative medical profession. It should be remembered that I'll Western system is not really very old.

It has really been developed only over the last 150 years and it is only in the last 75 years, all the major advances, of knowledge and treatment, have come into being. The Western system is largely based on chemistry and the chemical influences, on the human body. So this medical system has really been developed at the same time as chemical science has progressed. In the not-too-distant past, there were many barbaric practices used and similar methods are still commonly being used to this date. So unless knowledge comes from within the medical ranks, or that of the chemical industry, it will be simply dismissed.



Vested Interest, Medical Profession


The medical schools and hospitals perpetuate this system and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, apart from their need to look after their own interests. In this I mean, that established medical knowledge is sacrosanct and cannot, under any circumstances, be deviated from. This attitude is very similar to that adopted by the Science fraternity, who practised Newtonian Science, just before the advent of quantum mechanics, in the early part of the last century.



Vested Interest, Drug Companies.


Over hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years, we have been indoctrinated to believe that pills and potions and latterly vaccinations, will cure all ills. This has now reached a point, when now people seem to be reliant on chemicals, for even the smallest problems. Many people have become obsessed with these chemicals and this seems to have developed a culture, where all problems are solvable by putting things in your mouth. This idea the drug companies perpetuate and it is in their vested interest that this idea remains the norm. Any other forms, that do not require medicine or chemicals, are not researched sufficiently and therefore tend to make little or no headway. Any cures apart from chemicals, are therefore few and far between.



Drug Abuse


Over the last few years, it has become apparent, that certain diseases are becoming immune to penicillin and some of the other drugs, that have been used traditionally, to treat illness. Some of these diseases are mutating into forms which are far more difficult to treat. The fault for this, mainly lies, with the over subscribing of these drugs, by the medical profession.

A few years ago, these drugs were issued for almost all the ailments one could possibly suffer from. Surely there must come a point, where people start to realise, that swallowing lots of different chemicals is not the only answer to all the ailments that we suffer from. Nearly all of the chemicals, that we use, cause side-effects, even in small doses. In large doses, they may cure one ill but they tend to cause several others, whilst they are doing this.





I must say, that I admire the work done by many Orthopaedic surgeons. They are becoming extremely clever at rebuilding people, after accidents, and deserve much admiration. The advent of keyhole surgery has also been of great benefit to many people and one would hope, that the future of surgical skills progresses along this, less invasive, route. The reason I say this is because of the amount of damage that traditional surgery does. The human body was designed to function as a whole entity. Having to remove part of this system should be regarded as a failure on the part of the medical profession. Failure, because the removal of parts of the body causes problems with the functioning of the rest of the Body system. Many people, who have undergone surgery, have to take medication on a permanent basis afterwards, to try in some way, to redress the imbalance that has been caused. Surely by this time in the 21st century, other ways should to have already been found. Perhaps, some of the reason why this is not so, is that it would have resulted in damage to the vested interests concerned.





A definition. Determination of the nature of a diseased condition; identification of a disease by its symptoms and history. ﳰan>Disease; a condition of the body, or of some part, or organ of the body, in which its functions are disturbed or damaged. The medical profession follow this analysis and will treat the effects of disease, that they can find. They are usually, not concerned with the causes, or contributory factors that result in these conditions.



Eastern Systems


Obviously there are many and various systems used in the East. Some are based on physical factors and others based on external causes. A whole medical system is based on fire, wind, summer heat, dampness, dryness and cold. There are also systems of massage, acupuncture and systems which use the mysterious 'Chi' or 'Prana' energy. The Western assessment, of these methods, is that they are largely unscientific because they use the physical factors, rather than the chemical.





Instead of our pharmaceutical industry, the East relied for a long time, on their own use of pills and potions. They also have the same fixation that, nearly all problems, can be cured by these 'miraculous' chemicals and the same idea that all problems are solvable by swallowing chemicals.



The Systems


There are, in the systems, many methods that work but I fear not for the reasons that are put forward, by their practitioners. The basic body energy operating system is still not understood in the East, any more than it is in the West. If you understand the way the body's energy system functions, many of the ideas and practices of Oriental medicine and other types of healing, make a great deal of sense.



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