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Throughout the course of human history, people have wanted to find a 'panacea'. A simple pill to cure all ill's, a cure all. Unfortunately, this simple pill does not exist. Many different forms of 'healing' have been developed in the East and the West, to cater for this need. Some of these curing forms are ancient in their origin, which many Eastern systems are. Many of the Western forms are relatively new, having been in existence for merely a few hundred years.





Massage must be the most well known of all the hands on methods. The simple rubbing, of an arm or a leg, after it has been knocked is, perhaps, the simplest application of this method. Perhaps the simplest method is a mother's caress, which is purely instinctive. The general application is on the whole body and this is executed by practitioners, who manipulate the soft tissue. This is of course, of no harm and makes people feel far more relaxed and relieves some of the symptoms. Shiatsu is one of the Oriental forms of this system and is in many ways far in advance of the European systems and in many ways it is not. This system relies on regulating of the body Flow of 'Chi' or 'Prana', by manipulating the body parts, to achieve the aim. Reflexology is a system also much practised but this system relies mainly on manipulating the hands and feet. This attempt to regulate the bodyࡩlments by opening and shutting pathways, to achieve this. This can at times be quite painful, although this is not always the case. Acupressure is the Oriental form of reflexology but this uses also the whole body. Massage techniques used to open and shut pathways over the body, to regulate and to change the direction of Flow, of the body's energy system, to achieve better health. Between the last two systems they share the same methods but have a different 'map' system of the feet and operate largely on different points, to achieve similar results. Acupuncture relies on the insertion of needles into, mainly, the outer body surface. This has the effect of blocking pathways and re-directing the flow of energy through the body, thus achieving pain relief and promoting better health. Some faith healers also have the ability to make people feel better by the laying on of hands.


All the systems have beneficial effects but all these systems also have the ability to 'mask' problems. Obviously, they have success on many patient's but there is the possibility of hiding, or moving the problem around the body, using their methods.



Hands Off Healers


Many faith healers use this method and with many what is required, on the part of the patient, is belief, in one form or another. Reikki is an oriental form, which uses, mainly, hands off methods and uses Universal Imaginary Pathways to bring about healing. There are many others who use other techniques, such as dousing and crystals and they all operate in roughly the same manner. These methods have also the benefit of healing but as before, they are also quite capable of covering up or 'masking' problems. It is necessary, with all these systems, to have belief. They all have some therapeutic value but they also have one thing in common, they lack scientific back up. Many of the systems, certainly from the East, are based on analysis of the bodies operation, which does not hold up to any known modern science. They are based on antiquated and outdated knowledge. There is no doubt that they have a beneficial effect but these effects are not usually, brought about by the 'dogma' of the system that they are using. With some faith healing methods, the beneficial results are, most often, attributed to a God or a deity. This is not the reason why these practitioners heal people. It all comes down to the basic mechanics of the human body's operation. All the aforementioned systems do have some success and are explainable if the correct 'modus operandi' of the body is understood.



The Healing Technique


If you put together, the part's which work, from the previously mentioned techniques, remove religion and belief and then add the knowledge, how the human body actually works, then this Healing technique may start to become apparent. The knowledge of the bodies operating system is, by far the most important pieces of knowledge that any healer, of whatever persuasion, should possess. Without this knowledge, all people practising these systems, from both East and West, are only conducting their treatments on a trial and error basis.



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