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The Eastern Healing systems all talk of using Ki, Chi, Prana or Ghi, to aid in the healing process. Unfortunately these systems have also, intertwined with them superstition, meditation and religion. Here I have to explain what this 'energy' actually is and to take away the mysticism, religion, red herrings and all the other nonsense, that so many seem to thrive on.



Western Science


The problem with most of the information coming from the East, is that it is surrounded by superstition, folklore, religion and every thing else one could possibly imagine. At the time that they started developing the use of this energy, scientifically, these people were very backward indeed. So when they didn't understand something they simply 'covered it' with their superstitions and religions. This I intend to undo.



What It Isn't


This force or energy is not a mystical force. It is only mysticism is that it is not understood and therefore is an unknown entity. Everyone can benefit from this energy, if they wish to, and it belongs to no particular group. This energy runs through everything that is on this Earth, animal, mineral or vegetable. The only problem with it is understanding, what it is, what it does and why it does it.



What It Is


In order to understand a little more what this energy is, it is necessary to understand from where this force is derived from and also where it goes. In Thermodynamics, the Principle of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. European science has made a point of studying things of the microscopic and things of the macroscopic. What has not been studied is the area that lies between these two extremes. This is the reason why there is so much confusion about this energy. This energy is a direct result of Sunlight falling on the Earth and its atmosphere. This energy is also the means by which some Sunlight and all other forms of work, heat and radiation, are absorbed into the Earth's core. It is part of the mechanism that converts energy into the Earth's gravitational field. The reason why it is so difficult to analyse is because it runs through everything and changes as everything else on the planet changes. It is rather like trying to feel water, which is at body temperature. When there is no temperature difference, one can feel only the viscosity of the water. This also applies to this energy. It can be touched and moved but only if you know how. There are ways of doing this but these will be the subject of another work.





This energy is the energy of nature. Nature uses the changes in the light throughout the year to operate. The changes that occur in plant life, throughout the seasons, are triggered by not only the changes in the light but also by the amount of this available energy. This causes plants to germinate, grow, seed, and die, according to the amount of the available light and the available energy.





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