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Other Aspects.



The basic syllabus is covered in the section called Stages and the methods used, covered in the section called The Way.




The syllabus only covers the 'skeleton' of this style.

The Stages only indicate the minimum material that must be covered at each level.


There is a great deal more material that has to be covered, in the students travel from beginner to Black Belt.


Therefore it is insufficient for the student to cover meerly the requirements set at each level.


It is necessary that students learn and understand the practical application of the technique that they are taught, in order that they use the correct technique in the correct circumstance.


It is also necessary that students study other subjects, related to this Martial Art, in order that they gain a better understanding of the operation of various body movement, arm and leg movement.



Related Subjects.


To facilitate this, throughout the student training, various subjects are studied which relate to the learning of this Art.


These subjects, and the reason for these subjects, will be explained in greater detail, later in this section.


These are done in 'specific' lessons and sometimes take three of four sessions to complete.

These lessons are not necessarily done in order but there will be many of these that have to be covered, by the time the student reaches certain stages of the syllabus.


It is necessary that they are taught from purple belt level onwards and completed, before taking the black belt grading.



Depth and Breath.


Without the information, gained from these lessons, the student will remain, in their practice, just a skeleton.


These lessons are the vital organs, learning them is the flesh and muscle and understanding and using them, is the brain.


Intermediate Training.



The following is a list of training sessions which should be completed within the first three years of training.



1.쯳pan>Three Step Sparring.


2.༯span>Parallel Stance.


3.༯span>Block and Counter, Takedowns.


4.༯span>Side kick and Knee Walk.


5.༯span>Rising from the floor.


6.༯span>Avoidance 1.




8.༯span>Circle of Kicks.


9.༯span>Avoidance 2.


10.쯳pan>Foot Block 1.


11.쯳pan>Resistance Training.


12.쯳pan>Resisted Stances.


13.쯳pan>Circle of Throws.


14.쯳pan>Circle of Kicks.


15.쯳pan>Lower Throwing Technique 3.


16.쯳pan>Three Step Takedown.


17.쯳pan>Takedown, Set Form.


18.쯳pan>Circle of Throws 2.


19.쯳pan>Individual Set Form.


20.쯳pan>Stretching Techniques.


21.쯳pan>Foot Block 2.


22.쯳pan>Wrist Releases.


23.쯳pan>Avoidance and Throw.


24.쯳pan>Set Form and Kicks.


25.쯳pan>Foot block 3 and Leg Sweeps.


26.쯳pan>Set Form, Takedowns and Individual Set Form.


27.쯳pan>Three Man Forms and Kneeling Technique.


28.쯳pan>Jump Kick and Triple Kick.


29.쯳pan>Blocks and Avoidance.


30.쯳pan>Breath Control with Strikes and Stances.




32.쯳pan>Footblock and Multiple Kicks.


33.쯳pan>Elbow Throw and Avoidance of Kicks.


34.쯳pan>Chokes and Strangles.


35.쯳pan>Stance Changes.




37.쯳pan>Punchbag Ranging.


38.쯳pan>Block and Punch.


39.쯳pan>Straddle Stance.


40.쯳pan>Side Roundhouse, Release from Leg Throw.


41.쯳pan>Palm Heel and Wrist Blocks.


42.쯳pan>Counters from Avoidance.


43.쯳pan>Elbow Strikes.


44.쯳pan>Leg Sweep and Takedown.


45.쯳pan>Throwing Technique.


46.쯳pan>Breath Control Resistance to Kicks.


47.쯳pan>Resisted Blocks.


48.쯳pan>Resisted Punches.


49.쯳pan>Half Blocks and Multiple Kicking.


50.쯳pan>Palm Heel.


51.쯳pan>Short Punch.


52.쯳pan>Simultaneous Block and Counter.


53.쯳pan>Cat Stance.


54.쯳pan>Alleyway Defence.


55.쯳pan>Tension Form, application.


56.쯳pan>Descending Elbow Strikes.



Each one of these lessons will take at least one session to complete and should be completed, at least, twice, before the black belt grading.



Throwing Technique and Self Defence.



This is a set of thirty six different releases from commonly-used grasps and locks.


It is to be undertaken before reaching blue belt level.




Although the syllabus already contains some Prone Technique, this is in adequate and other lessons are required to learn the Kicking Blocking and punching techniques, that can be used whilst lying on the floor.


Kneeling Technique.


A certain amount of technique is taught, including knee walking, and as with the prone Technique, other lessons are carried out, to insure that the student can use punching Kicking and Blocking Technique from the Kneeling position.


There is a great deal more kneeling Technique, in the style, but this is only carried out post Black Belt.



Higher Technique.


These techniques are not taught until such time, that the student has reached the Green Belt level.


It is unlikely, that before this time, students will possess sufficient ability to carry out these successfully.


It is necessary to have speedy reflexes and ability at Stance work otherwise injury will result.


It is insufficient to practise these lessons one or two times because it is not possible to develop the Techniques, to good ability, without continual practice over several years.


Each one of these lessons contains many techniques based on the lesson's title.


ﳰan>1.튼/span>Butterfly and Clap Catching.


2.༯span>The Long Stance.


3.༯span>Roundhouse Technique.


4.༯span>Roundhouse Counters 1.


5.༯span>Roundhouse Counters 2.


6.༯span>Drop Stance.


7.༯span>Circuit Training.


8.༯span>Breathing Techniques.


9.༯span>Using the shout.


10.쯳pan>The Development of Flow 1.


11.쯳pan>The Development of Flow 2.


12.쯳pan>Kicking Exercises.


13.쯳pan>Short Turns.


14.쯳pan>The Cat Stance.


15.쯳pan>Turning Techniques.


16.     Turning Techniques with Circular Blocks.