The Reasons Why.



There are many, many reasons why people take up Martial art.In my experience, most people do not have a clear understanding, when they start, what Martial Art is all about.


Initially people will say that they want it for self defence, or to keep fit or other reasons.


Most people do not realise, until the have practised for some time, that there is far more to a learning of Martial Art, than meer fitness and self-defence.


In practice, when taught correctly, this process will change the student.


Over the years I have seen aggressive people become more self-controlled and I've also seen timid people become more self assured.


This providing a basis on which people can train safely together.


In general, I would say that it always improves people's confidence and  capabilities in their everyday lives.


It provides most with a feeling of self-fulfilment because of the achievements that they make, as they progress through the syallabus.


There is also an improvement in people's attitudes.

With the increase in ability, comes a change in a person's attitude, making a student far calmer, and confident, under stress.





There are, however, other factors that come about through this type of training.


Because of the use of both sides of the body and increase in the ability at moving the limbs independently, this vastly increases one's capabilities and makes a student almost wholly ambidextrous.

This has an effect on the operation of the brain and changes the way that the Beta wave works in both right and left hemispheres of the brain.


Because of the speed of movement and control associated with this, the brain operates far more quickly, than that of an ordinary person.


This is obvious when one sees how quickly students can respond to a given situation.


I compare this to the operation of a microchip.

If normal people have a microchip operating at 400 MHz, then skilled Martial Artists have one that operates at 700 MHz!



Body Control.


With breathing and meditation techniques that are learned, the student will learn how to control the breathing function and thus the way that the heart operates.


This has the effect of allowing the student to complete more strenuous exercises, whilst keeping the heart rate low.


This also has the effect of slowing down the body metabolism (see section on breathing technique) and it is of great benefit to the health in general.


Thus people who have studied martial art for many years tend to think and act differently, than those who have not.



Other Forms of Training.


Why study this martial art? Why it is his method of training better than any other?


The answers to these two questions are many.


At the start of the training, we introduce gentle stretching technique, which starts to open up the joints of the body so that they may become more proficient in executing kicking and punching technique.


This has also the effect of allowing the passage of the body's magnetic energy, in a similar way to that of yoga exercises.


At the same time as this happens, the student becomes more able to use either hand and either foot.


This also brings about the ability to know where each hand and each foot are placed in relation to each other.


Unlike using weight and weight machines, the muscle built up is not of a bulky nature, it is in fact very dense and highly tuned.


Perhaps this is why many martial artists have negative buoyancy.


Unlike Aerobic exercises, the use of breath control keeps the heart rate at a lower level, and allows the student to perform greater feats, without endangering the heart, by over exertion.


In fact many people practising Martial Art, slow their heart rates down considerably, by doing these techniques.


Building up over a period of time the student can not only become fit, but become super-fit!


Perhaps this is why many of them play football and rugby and other contact sports so well.


Although this practice is usually not a team event, I have found over the years, that those who train hard together will also socialise together.



Skill Level.


Perhaps the most important thing that differentiates this training from other types of training is the skill level.

The skill levels that can be obtained are greater in this art than any other sport that I have ever come across in my lifetime.


It is true to say that, however many techniques one learns, there are still more to learn.


This all being done at the same time as one is learning to defend oneself.




And above all else - it's fun!